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Aphasia Communication Effectiveness (ACE)

The ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic offers a summer program for adult clients with chronic aphasia called Aphasia Communication Effectiveness (ACE) to promote Living Well with Aphasia.

ACE is an adult communication program for individuals with chronic aphasia.  Any adult with acquired language and/or cognitive abilities may register. All activities center on opportunities and strategies for communication.  The program utilizes thematic based discussion on topic that are of interest to adults.  There will be large group and smaller group activities based on an individual’s level of communication.

These group sessions are not billable as therapy. All ACE sessions are offered at a program rate for the summer semester and are private pay.  New clients will have a consultation/screening appointment prior to week 1 and may need to have a full evaluation if they continue to receive services in the fall or spring. Some returning clients will be asked to come in the week prior to the group so the student clinician can meet you and plan your session. 

Group Options

The sessions are activity based and there will be several groups running at the same time. Participants are grouped based on their interests and level of communication. Some group options include:

  • Debate Club
  • Cooking
  • Language games
  • Movie reviews
  • Book Club
  • Current events/conversations topics
  • Cooperative learning dyads
  • Scripted language practice (e.g., ordering in a restaurant)
  • Computer and apps for practicing language and attention skills
  • Problem-solving group: Math and word problems

ACE program participants are encouraged to come for the entire morning. However, if you prefer to come for two hours instead of three you can join groups based on our hourly session schedule. Sessions will typically run 50 minutes with a short break in between. However, you do need to stick to the scheduled time you request so that we know you are coming. Payment is for the program. We do not bill for ACE on an hourly rate so cost will not be adjusted. 

Parking/Drop Off

For the ACE program we have several parking or drop off options:

  1. If the person attending the group drives himself/herself we will do everything we can to arrange for parking.  Please notify the front desk if you need to request this accommodation.
  2. If the person attending can be dropped off and can make his or her way up to the clinic independently we will be sure to check the waiting room frequently and will have the clinic staff find us if someone arrives late.
  3. Upon request, student clinicians can be in the COOR parking lot 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and can walk the PWAs to the parking lot 5-10 minutes after the end of the session. You may drop off anyone who is attending the group.  You just need to make sure the supervisor or student clinician know this is necessary. Clients who are not picked up on time will be escorted back to the clinic waiting room.
  4. You can use metered parking on the street next to the COOR building or you can pay to park in Lot 20 across the road from the COOR building. For Lot 20, pay at the kiosk adjacent to Myrtle Ave.
  5. You can elect to pay for clinic parking if there is space available for the time you are coming to the session. 
  6. All clients that are dropped off must have a current telephone number for their driver and an emergency contact. 


For more information or to register for the ACE program, please contact the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Dates and Times

Men's Aphasia Group meets every Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Women's Aphasia Group meets every Thursday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. The ACE Book Club meets every Wednesday from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. The two-hour sessions typically run 50 minutes with a break in between. You may sign up for both an aphasia group and ACE Book Club.