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ASU Peer Program for Socialization (APPS)

Practice the skills people use to be successful in social relationships and social interaction.

ASU Peer Program for Socialization (APPS) is an activity-based program where preteens, teens and young adults are grouped with similar-aged peers with diagnosed and undiagnosed social-pragmatic communication challenges. Groups are formed by matching members based on age and goal areas.

Meetings support interactive communication focusing on collaboration, negotiation, teamwork, problem solving, executive function, social-emotional learning and social interaction. Participants can join the group at any time throughout the semester.

Graduate student clinicians meet weekly with participants to practice social and pragmatic communication skills.

What can I expect?

  • Graduate clinicians, supervised by ASHA-certified speech-language pathologists, will lead sessions.
  • Practice interaction with others in a skilled, supported environment. Topics may include:
    • Joining in activities with peers.
    • "Reading between the lines" in conversation and interactions.
    • Engaging in successful conversations and group work negotiation.
    • Using and understanding body language and tone of voice.
    • Increasing range of conversational topics and interests.
    • Handling disagreements and compromising.
    • Explaining ideas and cooperative verbal problem solving.
    • Considering the perspective of others in conversations.
    • Recognizing personal talents and strengths.

For more information or to register for ASU Peer Program for Socialization, please contact the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Dates and Times

Summer 2022:
Sessions begin July 7.

Fall 2022:
Days and times TBA