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Summer Program for Elementary Literacy and Language (SPELL)

The ASU Support Program for Elementary Literacy and Language (SPELL) is a research-based intervention program that boosts skills through a focus on linguistic processes. SPELL is for children who have completed second grade and are having specific difficulty with oral language and/or reading and writing development.

At SPELL, graduate students studying speech-language pathology guided by certified speech-language pathologists will facilitate building skills related to literacy and reading, including decoding, listening, comprehension, reading comprehension, spelling and writing.

Dates and Times: Summer sessions begin in late June. Please contact the clinic for more information.
Location: Pediatric Communication Clinic, Community Services Building, 200 E. Curry Rd., Tempe, AZ 85281
Ages/grades: The program is helpful for typically developing children or children with a diagnosed language or reading impairment.
Cost: $180 for 10 sessions. Scholarships available.
Notes: This group will be held in person and will follow clinic health guidelines.

To learn more and register, contact the ASU Speech and Hearing Clinic.