Adult Summer Cognitive Camp (ASCC)

Connect with your community while improving your cognition and communication.
Do you or a loved one experience difficulty with attention, memory, or other cognitive skills?
Cognitive deficits can be the result of a stroke, traumatic brain injury, such as a concussion, or other disease, such as Parkinson’s disease. Individuals can experience difficulty attending to or remembering to do certain tasks.

ASCC groups include 3 - 5 participants and are designed to help adults with cognitive concerns learn more about cognition and how to apply the skills to everyday tasks. You will be placed in a group that fits your individual needs. Sessions can be conducted online via Zoom or in person in our Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Registration is now open for Summer 2024. Registration includes at least ten 50-minute sessions (approximately two hours per week for 5 weeks) for $110. Sessions are offered on same or different days.
Scholarships are available!